Village of Crete Waste Collection Information

Garbage service is provided exclusively by Allied Waste Services. Residential refuse will be picked up once a week at the curb. The cost of garbage removal is added to your water/sewer bill. Republic will provide all homeowners with a 96-gallon toter for trash pick-up (free of charge). Smaller toters are available upon request by calling Republic directly. Additional toters will be provided if necessary. Toters for yard waste will also be available upon request (free of charge). Contact Republic Services at 708-385-8252 for details. The ownership, delivery, and maintenance/replacement of the toters will be the responsibility of Republic.

 By ordinance, no trash containers may be placed out for collection prior to 7 p.m. the evening prior to your designated pick-up day and must be out prior to 6 a.m. on your scheduled day of collection. Bulky items (furniture, appliances, etc.) will be picked up at no extra charge, although Republic does request a courtesy call when these items will be disposed of. They can be reached at 708-385-8252 (ask for Residential Dispatch). If disposing of carpet, they ask it be cut into no longer than 4-foot sections, rolled and bound. Please remember when disposing of refrigerators or freezers to remove the doors as a precautionary measure.


Holiday Schedule

Allied Waste has 6 general holidays scheduled off each year. These holidays are as follows:
● New Years Day
● Memorial Day
● Fourth of July
● Labor Day
● Thanksgiving
● Christmas Day

These are the only holidays that Allied Waste will not have production. If the holiday falls on a Sunday it is observed on Monday and all pick-up will be 1 day later for the week. If the holiday falls on a weekday, that day is taken off and the remainder of the week following the holiday will be 1 day later.

Yard Waste

State legislation has been enacted which states that effective July 1, 1990, “No person may knowingly mix landscape waste with regular garbage that is intended for disposal
in a landfill.” This legislation was adopted with the intention of recycling the volume of
yard waste entering landfills. Yard waste pick up is included in your monthly fee. To provide village residents with a fair and equitable alternative for compliance with this
legislation, each resident of Crete will have the following options: Mow your yard frequently and do not collect yard waste for disposal.

Collect the yard waste and create a compost pile on your property to be used as mulch for flowers, trees, or gardens.

Place all yard waste in 30-gallon brown paper bio-degradable bags. No stickers are required. Yard waste bags can be found at local hardware and grocery stores.

Apply a “Yard Waste” sticker to your own 35-gallon container (with handles). The stickers are available at Crete Village Hall at 524 West Exchange Street or by calling Allied Waste at 708-385-8252. These stickers are used to identify yard waste containers and are available at no charge.

Contacting Republic Services for a 96-gallon yard waste container (No Fee).

Yard waste is provided from April 1st through November 30th on your regular garbage pick-up day. Yard waste in plastic bags is not acceptable and will not be picked up. There is also a no-burning ordinance prohibiting the burning of leaves.


Recycling is collected every other week. Please click on this link to learn what is considered recyclable waste. Recycling plays a pivotal role in the sustainable management of our planet’s resources
and the preservation of its delicate ecosystems. By diverting waste from landfills and incineration, recycling helps to reduce the environmental impact of resource extraction
and manufacturing processes, conserving energy, water, and raw materials. It significantly lowers greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the global fight against
climate change.

Moreover, recycling fosters a circular economy, where materials are continuously
reused and repurposed, minimizing the need for virgin resources and mitigating the strain on our environment. Beyond its environmental benefits, recycling also drives economic growth by creating jobs in the collection, processing, and manufacturing sectors. Embracing recycling is not just a personal choice but a collective responsibility
to ensure a healthier and more sustainable world for present and future generations.

Recycling in Crete is on a voluntary basis and is conducted through Allied Waste and under the direction of the Crete Lions Club.

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