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The new Crete Township Community Center is moving closer to becoming reality, according to Crete Township Supervisor, Michael Liccar on Wednesday night:

“We expect to close on the property later this month, likely within the next week.”

Mr. Liccar says the next phase of the Crete Township Community Center is for the Township Community Center Planning Committee – consisting of local business owners and other members of the community – to meet again and discuss which activities and programs should be implemented and offered first. After that, the Township will meet with its architects and planners, The Linden Group, to establish a formal plan for the property to be conducted in phases. 

The next phases, such as plans for additional construction, which could include an auditorium to host community events, music, and theatrical performances, “depends on the availability of grants and our finances in general,” Mr. Liccar adds.  

Currently, the plan calls for the current tenants of the property to remain in place if they want. “We would like Simply Hair & Nails to stay indefinitely as a tenant” Mr. Liccar says. “We feel they would complement the Community Center.”

As Crete Township social programs have increased in popularity in recent years, so has the need for a bigger space to host the events. Popular programs such as the Senior Picnic and Senior Christmas Party have sold out in just days due to limited spacing. With the new Crete Township Community Center, Mr. Liccar and the Township Board hopes to offer even more people access to services and programs, including for youth and families.

“Not only will it be a big improvement for quality of life, it will also help direct more traffic downtown and boost the local economy,” Mr. Liccar said.

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