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The Village of Crete UPDATE March 28, 2020

Thankfully the Village is operating as planned and pretty much as normal.  We are monitoring the health status of all of our employees every day and aside from the lobby at the Village Hall being closed it is basically business as usual.  The FD, PD and EMA are performing all necessary functions with a constant focus on reducing staff exposure.  The Public Works Department is functioning in a similar fashion and preforming many tasks that can be accomplished while observing social distancing guidelines to the greatest extent possible.  The front office is working ahead on preparing the vehicle sticker, business license and contractor licensing mailing that normally goes out May 1st.  We are paying the bills, handling payroll and taking calls from residents.  Code Enforcement is also still operating as normal.

To protect the drivers picking up our trash and to better manage the waste stream, Republic Services has announced the following: 

Until further notice residents need to follow the following guidelines:

·         They will only accept carts/toters that can be picked up mechanically by the truck.

·         Drivers are not authorized to dismount the truck to pick up items not in the container.

·         Yard waste and bulk item pick up are suspended until further notice. 

·         Recycling will be picked up as normal and residents are reminded not to contaminate recycled items with other types of trash.

I went to Walt’s this morning for some brief shopping and it was obvious that the shoppers were calm and orderly and acting with concern for social distancing to the greatest possible.  They are adhering to the six-foot rule while waiting to be checked out.  While the world right now is not perfect, everyone seems to be acting with shared concern.  I encourage everyone to pull together and although inconvenient, we will get past this.

Finally, a few comments about moving forward.  My personal feeling is that this circumstance will persist longer than presently projected, but the great citizens of Crete will improvise, adapt and overcome.  Please patronize our local restaurants and businesses so they will survive this ordeal, share important information with those close to you and try to remain positive.

Mayor Einhorn