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Tag: public works

Leaf Collection

The Village of Crete offers leaf collection to residents, free of charge. To participate, collect leaves in front yard, no closer than three feet from the curb. Make sure there is enough room for the leaf collector to work. Things like nearby parked vehicles, mailboxes, road signs and fire hydrants can block access to the area and prevent collection. Please avoid leaves getting into the street, which could result in blocked storm sewers and flooding.


Branch pickup ends on October 26

Last day for branch pickup is October 26th.

Please place branches with cut side towards curb. Branches must come from the work of the resident, not a private company. Private companies are to make their own arrangements for branch removal. Branches that exceed 8 inches in diameter will be left in the parkway, to be picked up with a different piece of Village equipment. Please ensure that branches are not blocked by parked vehicles, as they will not be collected due to risk of damaging the property.

Snow Fall Parking Ban

Please note that the 2” snow fall parking ban is in effect, to ensure safe and effective Village and County snow removal.

It is unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street in the Village at any time within 12-hours of a snowfall of 2 inches or more, and tickets may be issued to violators.

Furthermore, Mayor Einhorn asks that residents assist the fire department in keeping hydrants snow free and accessible:

“If you live in a house where a fire hydrant is located please make an effort to expose the hydrant so it is visible to fire crews should the need arise. Finding it in the middle of the night can be difficult with no snow on the ground and now it is really hard in certain locations. Your help will be greatly appreciated.”