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Tag: Michael Waterman

Crete Fire Chief to Retire

Crete Fire Chief Michael Waterman announced on Wednesday that he will retire on April 4th.

“There comes a time to open a new chapter in your life and say to yourself it’s time to take care of you and your family. After 36 plus great years in the fire service it’s time to say fair well. I have made more friends then I can name and worked with the best people in the world,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“I am opening a new chapter and for those of you in and around Beecher you will still see me quite often. I am going to remain as a trustee at the Beecher Fire District and will be around the Hack-Jensen funeral home a whole lot more,” he added.

Crete FD Lieutenants Take Oath of Office

Crete Fire Department lieutenants Keith Kerness and Michael Sunzere took the oath of office at the Village board meeting on Monday night.

“One has been promoted about six months ago, but due to covid we couldn’t get together and have an official oath of office, and the other was promoted about three weeks ago,” said Crete Fire Chief Michael Waterman.

Lt. Kerness joined the department in 2019 and Lt. Sunzere joined in 2018. According to Chief Waterman, both men were chosen for the promotion after showing consistent leadership abilities.

“With everything kind of settling down a little bit, I felt tonight was a good night to get these gentlemen in and get the board to meet some of the future of our fire department,” Chief Waterman said.

Crete Prepares for Snowstorm

Crete Fire Chief Mike Waterman said on Monday that the Village of Crete would put additional measures in place to prepare for the upcoming snowstorm.
“The Village of Crete, the Crete Fire Department, the Crete Police Department, Crete Public Works and Crete Emergency Management Agency (EMA), we all met this morning in preparation for the upcoming snowstorm,” Chief Waterman said.
According to, a ‘winter storm watch’ is in effect from Tuesday evening through Thursday afternoon, with anticipated snow accumulation from 5 to 15 inches.
“We called in extra personnel for the fire station, and all department heads are coordinating to provide emergency services if necessary,” Chief Waterman said.
Compared to previous years, Crete has seen relatively mild snowfall so far, with only minor impact on travel.
“Motorists have been very careful, and we haven’t seen major incidents so far. We encourage everyone to continue being careful the next couple days,” Chief Waterman added.

Crete Gets 6 AEDs Via Grant

Thanks to a grant application submitted by Crete Fire Captain Jim Boehner, the department was able to secure funding for six Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units.

The base AED model is designed to be user-friendly and provide emergency care for individuals experiencing an irregular heart rhythm, which could result in cardiac arrest. This unit has been installed at Crete Village Hall, and staff have been trained to used it.

“If somebody comes in for Village business and something happens, the staff can start care before we get there, in case we’re out on a call,” Crete Fire Chief Michael Waterman said.

The grant also covers an additional five, more advanced devices:

“For our first line suppression equipment and utility vehicles, and it allows us to actually monitor the cardiac rhythm the patient is in. That will allow our first responders to get an idea what is happening,” said Crete Fire Captain, Jim Boehner.

AED equipment is typically only found in ambulances, which may not always arrive first at the scene. With AEDs available to first responders, precious minutes can be allocated to diagnosing and treating patients, according to Chief Waterman:

“Deploying defibrillation and CPR quickly, increases patient survival rate and that’s what we want to accomplish.”

3 New CFD Engineers

Crete Fire Department has gained three new engineers this past year.

Engineer/Paramedic Bolda and Platt were promoted in April of last year, and Engineer/EMT Joyce received his promotion in late January of 2021.

Engineers are responsible for driving and placement of firefighting apparatus, finding hydrants and ensuring sufficient water supply.

“The engineers are the heart of the operation. It’s the most important job” Crete Fire Chief Michael Waterman said.

Bolda, Platt and Joyce bring the total of Crete FD engineers to seven.

(From left to right: Platt, Joyce, Bolda and Chief Waterman.)