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Tag: Main Street

Main Street Construction

Crete Public Works fixing a water main break on Main St. this morning. Also happening today, IDOT has started repaving Main Street, North of Exchange.

🚫Main St Parking Prohibited🚫

Starting tomorrow, November 2nd, and until further notice, street parking is prohibited on Main Street, between First and Division, to allow for IDOT construction crews to repave Route 1. The project will replace the roadway and curbs from North Main Street, down to Burville Road, and should be completed later this month.

Construction Update

Crete Public Works is fixing a water main break on Moray Court, which should be completed today. On Main Street, a sinkhole to a sanitary sewer is being repaired and should be done tomorrow.

Bridge Replacement on Main Likely Postponed Until 2023

Earlier this year, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced plans to replace the Deer Creek bridge on North Main Street. Construction was scheduled to start early summer, but was halted when engineers discovered potential utility conflicts and soil issues in the area.

IDOT reached out to AT&T for assistance, but a solution could not be found before the beginning of the new school year, and because the project requires the closure of Route 1 / Main Street, the likely consequence is that construction will be postponed until next year.

“We are waiting to find out if AT&T needs to relocate. We have a commitment to not do the work during the school year. Once we get more answers, we have to send a proposal to the school district to see if they will allow us to close the road during the school year.,” IDOT Resident Engineer, Erica DeYoung said.

Main Street to Close for Bridge Replacement

For travelers on Main Street in Crete, the familiar sound of tires hitting the rough edge on Deer Creek bridge will soon be a thing of the past.

“Deer Creek bridge was built back in the 1920’s. It’s in pretty bad shape and it’s scheduled to be replaced this spring,” Crete Mayor Michael Einhorn said.

Courtesy of IDOT – that’s the Illinois Department of Transportation – the 1.3-million-dollar project is scheduled to take place between April and August of this year.

“The new bridge will be of a little bit different design. Two barrels they call it, as opposed to one open space like this one,” the mayor said.

Complicating the project – the presence of gas lines and a water main, communications and power cables, and a split intersection where Main St. meets Union Ave and Chicago Rd.

“When you got two different roads, having a confluence, setting up signals for both of those – we tried to do that and IDOT just pretty much said, it just can’t happen that way,” Mayor Einhorn said.

IDOT signage will direct travelers to Western or 394 as preferred detours, and IDOT promises that Main Street will not be closed for more than 90 days. An inconvenience, for sure, but not a bad trade in exchange for 1.3-million-dollars’ worth of road improvements.

“I’m very thankful that the State of Illinois, IDOT, decided to repair, remove and replace it,” Mr. Einhorn added.