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Tag: Crete

🚫Main St Parking Prohibited🚫

Starting tomorrow, November 2nd, and until further notice, street parking is prohibited on Main Street, between First and Division, to allow for IDOT construction crews to repave Route 1. The project will replace the roadway and curbs from North Main Street, down to Burville Road, and should be completed later this month.

Crete & University Park Fireworks PSA

The Mayors of Crete and Village of University Park are asking residents to be courteous and respectful to their neighbors during the upcoming holiday celebrations.

“For our brave service men and women, loud fireworks can trigger Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, forcing them to relive battlefield trauma,” Crete Mayor Michael Einhorn and University Park Mayor Joseph Roudez III said.

Dogs, cats and other pets are also affected by the loud noises from fireworks, because of their extraordinary hearing, which is at least four times more sensitive than human ears. For the communities in general, there’s also risk of damage to people and property associated with projectile fireworks.

“What goes up, must come down. And when it comes down, it can cause damage,” Mayor Einhorn said.

The mayors ask residents to please celebrate the holiday season safely, respectfully and legally.

Haweswood Drive Construction

Construction crews have been hard at work, replacing the creek culvert on Haweswood Drive. Constructed some 60 years ago, the original metal culverts were severely rusted and partly caved in and could eventually result in the roadway collapsing if not replaced.

Complicating and delaying the project further, was the discovery of unmapped utility cables, and both AT&T and ComED had to be called to perform an inspection. The cables were found to no longer be in use, and the crew was able to safely cut them before continuing.

Construction is now completed and the road is open again.

The new culverts should last for about a century.

Eastern Will County Freight Mobility Corridor Study

The Will County Division of Transportation is conducting a transportation mobility study to find strategies to better accommodate travel through eastern Will County while maintaining quality of life.

A public meeting was held last week, with information about project progress and to receive feedback from residents.
Make your voice heard by taking a survey and adding your comments before December 31, 2021 by visiting:


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2020 Crete Census Data Released

The preliminary 2020 Census data has been released and is showing growth in Crete over the last decade. From a population of 8,259 in 2010, Crete is now home to 8,465 people, the 2020 results show.

“GOOD NEWS!!,” Crete Mayor Michael Einhorn said in a Facebook post, “Thanks everyone for participating and doing your part to make sure we received an accurate count.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the actual number is likely higher, due to a 10{2ea2584bbd0afbe1d4d51a2518a34972430dfc33a61f1a011410a66bcc6148b4}-20{2ea2584bbd0afbe1d4d51a2518a34972430dfc33a61f1a011410a66bcc6148b4} participation decline compared to previous years – which the Census Bureau blames on the COVID-19 pandemic.

As previously outlined in this PSA video with the mayors of Beecher, Crete, Monee, Peotone and University Park, there are many reasons why accurate census data is so important:

• It plays a role in congressional representation and districts.
• It determines amount of state and federal funds communities receive.
• It helps government and private sector plan for infrastructure and education needs.
• It determines grant size for fire and police departments.

The census takes place every ten year and the next one is scheduled for April 1, 2030.