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Tag: Crete Park District

Crete Bunny Hop

Win prizes with the Crete Bunny Hop!

The 2023 Crete, Illinois Bunny Hop starts April 1st. Hop into participating Crete businesses while wearing bunny ears and receive raffle tickets for a chance to win one of three prize baskets. More information here: or at

Participating Businesses:

Aurelio’s Pizza
BMO Harris Bank
Chuck’s Tavern
Crete Country Store
Crete Lumber & Supply Co.
Crete Park District
Crete Public Library District
Edward Jones
Evil Horse Brewing Company
Jemma’s Slots
Nick Fellers – State Farm Agent
Old Plank Trail Community Bank
Salon 22
Smokey Jo’s
The Edge Coffee House & Roasting Company
The Finishing Touch Florist
Vintage Oak
Vintage Treasures
Yarn Hollow

Crete Park Acorn Fest Day 1

Lots of vendors, great music and good entertainment on day one of the Acorn Fest. Check out the video below for a few highlights from Friday afternoon and evening.

Join us today for day two of Acorn Fest – check out the schedule on the Crete Park website.

Crete Acorn Fest

Come join us for the annual Acorn Fest in Crete Park, featuring live music, great food, beverages for all ages, lots of awesome vendors, a super fun kids area, and so much more.

It’s two days of community and family fun, starting on Friday, September 16 @ 5PM and going through Saturday, September 17 @ 10PM+

Read more at and check out the Crete Park District Facebook page here:

See you there!

Crete Memorial Lights 2020

Although we can not gather together this year for the Memorial Light program, we will continue to honor and remember those that have gone before us.

From the Village of Crete and the Crete Park District, may this video of the ceremony bring you peace and comfort as we enter the Holiday season.

A light has been Lit in Memory of:

Jim BaranskiFriend of the Crete Park District
Robert (Bob) FehlandFather of Sheila Einhorn
Donna FehlandMother of Sheila Einhorn
Jeaneen Fehland BeckerSister of Sheila Einhorn
Martha EinhornMother of Michael Einhorn
Russell EinhornFather of Michael Einhorn
Lester and Louise SegertCousins of Sheila Einhorn
Karen WiaterMother of Mike, Mark, Kelly & Kerri
James WiaterFather of Mike, Mark, Kelly & Kerri
Jim & Karen WiaterGranparents of Justin, Zach, Brad, Alex, Alison
  Zeb, Matt, Kaylee, Collin & Cayden
  Jason, DJ, & Nick
Helen McCormickMother of Karen, Chris, Tom & john
John “Doc” McCormickFather of Karen, Chris, Tom & john
Joan CullenMother of Linda, Kathy, Joe, Dave, Marie
  Patty, Dan, Peg & Kelly
Walter WiaterFather of Jim, Bill, Tom & Sandra
Aurelia WiaterMother of Bill, Tom, Jim & Sandra
Sandra Mae Siefertmother of Michael Siefert, Karen Johnson &
  Kathy Siefert
Sandra Mae Siefertwife of Greg Siefert
Sandra Mae Siefertgrandmother of Avery Mae Johnson, Audrey Johnson
  Ella Johnson, Charlotte Sandra Siefert
Gene DoyleHusband of Pat Doyle, Father of Tim Doyle, Grandfather of  
 Caitlyn, Ryan & Tyler, Great Grandfather of Taryn 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard GarnerParents of Pat Doyle
Leroy & Gertrude SassGranparents & Great Grandparents of Janel and Caden 
Alan GearyHusband, father and Papa of the Geary family 
A light has been Lit in Memory of  
Nick PistelloHusband of kristine
Donnie BrunsFather of Cindy Riddle & Paula Norton
Betty Bruns mother of Cindy Riddle & Paula Norton
Geraldine LoveMother, Mother-in-law, Grandma of JeriKay, Ed, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar 
Kenneth LoveFather, Father-in-law, Grandpa of JeriKay, Ed, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar 
Audrey & Sam PagoriaGranparents & Great Grandparents of JeriKay, Ed, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar 
Marie & Arthur LoveGrandparents & Great Grandparents of JeriKay, Ed, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar 
Lula & Sam CampagnaGreat Aunt & Uncle ofJeriKay, Ed, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar
Ed MlakarFather, Father-in-law, Grandfather of Ed, Jeri, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar 
Mary Lou & Lou LiviaMother, Stepfather, In Laws & grandparents of 
  Ed, Jeri, Olivia & Audrey Mlakar
Sue MaasMother of Renee’Priebe, Shannon Borrego 
  Rebecca Reyes
Loved OnesofLyn & Dick Frederick
Anita Marstonwife of Jack Marston
Jack Marston IISon of Jack and Anita Marston
Gayle ZimmermanMother of Kim Genduso
Charles & Myrtle PhillipsGrandparents of Kim Genduso
Andrew & Beulah WunschelGranparents of Kim Genduso
John & Pauline GendusoParents of John Genduso
Dave & MaryLou ArnoldNeighbors of John & Kim Genduso
Joe UhlmanNeighbor of John & Kim Genduso
Richard BowenDear Devoted Friend of Debi Ekdahl
Annice BaranskiMother in Law of Jeanne Baranski
Joseph F. BaranskiFather in Law of Jeanne Baranski
Irmgard MaulinMother of Jeanne Baranski
Jim Baranskihusband of Jeanne Baranski
Elizabeth SarekMother and Grandmother of The Tosi & Wisniewski Families
Joe TosiHusband and Father of The Tosi & Wisniewski Families
James Schultzfather of Lisa Horvath & Merri Waters
Florence & Roy SchumacherParents of The Schumacher Family
Harriet HewesAunt of The Schumacher Family
A light has been Lit in Memory of   
Edward C. JohnsonHusband of Lydia E. Johnson
Glen BonnemaFather of Michelle & Matt
Harace “Pat” AndrewsFather of Patricia Kelliher
Kathy LubekSister of Jaqueline Smith
Nancy Vogt (vote)Mother of Cory Gawczynski
Michelle Lynn Miller-VanAllenGodmom/TateeBryson and Jalyn Smith
Michelle Lynn Miller-VanAllensister of (sibs) Andrea, Sandra, Shauntel
  & Sylvester Miller
Michelle Lynn Miller-VanAllenDaughter of Sylvester and Sharon Miller 
David MeuhringFriend of the Johnson Family
Edward C. JohnsonFather of Stephen and Papa of Lindsay and Lauren 
Cipriana GuerreroBeloved Mother/Mother -in-law of Linda and Stephen Johnson 
Cipriana GuerreroNana of Lindsay & Lauren Johnson
Cipriana GuerreroGreat Nana of Carson
Lois WeberMother & Omie of Many 
Gerald WeberHusband, Father & brother of The Weber Family
Jackie HameisterMom and Grandma of The Hales
Robert GarciaHusband of Jennie Garcia and Father of William Garcia 
Melanie Rhea McCulloughDaughter of Jane & Ray McCullough; sister of Megan & Melinda 
Donna L. Parise, RNBeloved Daughter of Dennis & Linda Parise-Scott
Drew Christian KnipperSon of Ralph & Joyce Knipper
Lynn Merstorfmother of Claire Knipper
Staddie Nathaniel EdwardsFather of Linda Edwards-Boysaw
Nicole Schreibermother of Cheryl Epstein & Friend of Linda Edwards-Boysaw 
CynthiaSister of Linda Edwards-Boysaw
Barry EdwardsBrother of Linda Edwards-Boysaw
David BrunsHusband and Father of Pam, Ashley, Sean & Miah Bruns
Frank and Charlotte FajmanParents of Pat Polzin
Robert PolzinFather of Mike Polzin
Bill FajmanBrother of Mike and Pat Polzin
Amy PolzinSister of Mike and Pat Polzin
Mary FajmanSister-in-law of Mike and Pat Polzin
Mitch FajmanNephew of Mike and Pat Polzin
Jim & Nancy FischerFriends of Mike and Pat Polzin
Brian Devenneyson of James Devenney
Raymond & Elinor ZennerFather & Mother of Lori Zenner
William & Marion DevenneyFather & Mother of James Devenney
James B. Spina, Chopper & Boss Husband and guardians of Joddie Spina  
Joanne Muttersister of Janet 
Charles Mutterfather of Janet
Martin PiepenbrinkFriend of the Crete Park District
Pet Tree
BentleyBeloved dog of Mike and Sheila Einhorn
AbbeyBeloved dog of Mike and Sheila Einhorn
Captain MaxBeloved fur Companion ofJoyce Geary
Pig Pig, Henrietta, Nellie, Fiora, Fairy Dust  pets of The Mlakar Family
Pal & All the LOVE Pets of  The Love Family
Damarus Run, Vinnie & Mini Whinnie best horses ever..  
Chips-A-Hoy a true and loyal Friend 
Jonathan, Mina, Sally,& SaraPrecious Feline Children of Dennis & Linda Parise-Scott
Alistair, Ella, Haley, Hannah  
Harrison, Heather & HoustonBeloved Canine children of Dennis & Linda Parise-Scott