The Village Administrator is a crucial figure within the village administration, serving as the chief administrative officer and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the village. This professional is vital in coordinating various departments, implementing policies, and ensuring efficient service delivery to the community.

As the top-ranking non-elected official, the Village Administrator works closely with elected officials, providing them with expert advice and guidance. They help shape the village’s long-term vision and strategic goals, translating them into actionable plans and initiatives. Their extensive knowledge and experience provide valuable insights that aid in informed decision-making.

Meet Mike Smith

Michael E. Smith

Michael Smith moved to the Village of Crete in April of 1990. Mike and his wife Shareen have two sons, Michael Jr., and Alec, as well as a daughter Lila, all of whom attended Marian Catholic High School. Before being hired as Village Building Inspector in 1997, Mike served on the Crete Fire Department beginning in 1990 as an EMT and Fire Apparatus Engineer.

Mike attended the University Of Wisconsin School Of Engineering for Building Construction, he currently is the Village Administrator and Director of Building. Mike is also a Crete Park District Commissioner in his 6th term.

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