House Numbers

The Village Code requires all house numbers be affixed to each structure and located so they are visible and easily read from the street. Should the Police or Fire Department have to respond to an emergency situation, where every second counts, valuable time may be lost searching for your house. House numbers are given upon issuance of building permits for those residing within the Village limits.

Garage Sales

A person shall be permitted to have up to 4 sales during each consecutive 12-month period. This does not include the Village Wide sales. A permit and $5 fee is required. Permits must be obtained from the Village Hall. 

Commuter Service

Metra Electric provides train service from University Park to Chicago. Train times and costs are subject to change. Please check with the Depot Master at the Main Office for information at 312-322-6777. For more information, please visit Metra Online.

Snow Removal

It is unlawful to park any vehicle on any public street in the Village at any time within 12-hours of a snowfall of 2 inches or more. It is against Village Code to push or shovel snow from a private drive into the street. 


Our cable franchise is currently serviced by Comcast. For more information, please call 866-594-1234. 

Additional Information

Dog and Cat Licenses
Recycling Program
Unlicensed Vehicles and Parking
Vehicle Stickers

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