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Crete Public Library District welcomed a new Executive Director on Wednesday.

“I’m very excited to start here as the new director of the Crete Public Library District,” said David Sieffert on Wednesday, on the first day in his new job.

“I’ve been here for the last few hours, just trying to kinda get my brain around the workings here,” he added.

Mr. Sieffert is filling the position of Executive Director after Susan Dienes retired at the end of 2021. Previously a high school teacher in Florida, Mr. Sieffert holds a Masters of Library Science, and worked at the Bensenville Community Public Library District for 11 years, the past six as its director. Looking towards the future for the district, Mr. Sieffert says he wants to get to know the library better first, but hopes to build upon the successes of his predecessor.

“I need to spend some time in the library and in the community, get to know everybody, get to know the staff, get to know the community in the library before I really start thinking about changes.

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