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By Crete Mayor Mike Einhorn:

This is going to be a busy summer in the Village based upon the amount of work we intend to get completed. If all goes well, we will be paving roads in the downtown business area, Swiss Valley subdivision, Oakwood Estates subdivision, Greenbriar subdivision, Columbia Street south of Richton Road, all of which amount to over $1M in costs.

The parking area by Haweswood Park is being reconstructed and paved, and a new piece of water main will be installed from Division to Herman along the Benton Street right of way. In addition, the water tower located near State and Richton will be sandblasted, primed and painted. This should add 30 years to the life of the tower.

We are also checking into the costs related to replacing the concrete apron at Fire Station 2, the concrete floor inside the DPW main building, as well as the floor inside of the police garage.

And if you haven’t noticed, new water mains are being installed in the southeast section of old Lincolnshire. That project is being paid for via a grant and is estimated to cost about $1.1M. All these projects are being accomplished without any increase in taxes.

Good planning is at the heart of all this work, both engineering and financial.

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