Leaf Collection & Branch Pick-Up
by Public Works

During the autumn months the leaf collector is taken out weekly. The leaf crews pick up piles that have been raked out to the curb by the residents. The leaves must be along the edge of the parkway, not placed in the street. It is against Village ordinance to do this and, therefore, may not be picked up. Please have patience if the leaf collector or chipper truck bypasses your house. The Village has an area dedicated to dumping wood chips and leaves and they are more than likely going there. The crews follow a route and will pick up your pile when they get to your street. Please note that there should be no obstructions for the leaf collector. The truck should be able to drive alongside the curb to collect leaves. If there is a vehicle or other obstruction, the crew will make a note of it and bypass your pile. 


Throughout the spring and summer months, the tree branch chipper is out weekly. They pick up branches that are put in the parkway with the cut-side facing the street. Workers will spend up to 15 minutes at a house in 1 week. Tidy piles placed the correct way will reduce the time it takes to chip. Longer branches are easier to handle and will also take less time. Please refrain from putting anything out that is larger than 8 inches in diameter; the chipper has trouble getting these through because it is meant for smaller brush. Small piles of branches and twigs should be disposed of in yard waste containers to be picked up by Allied Waste. The chipper does not pick up branches that are put in the alleys. Public Works employees trim every alley. This is to insure that vehicles may drive through without being scratched and for visibility purposes.

The resident, not a landscaping company, must trim branches if they would like Public Works to pick them up. Landscaping companies are to remove any brush they trim or cut down.

Branches placed at the curb will not be picked up by Public Works after October 31st. 

Yard Waste Pick-Up By Allied Waste

Weekly Yard Waste Service will be provided from April 1st through November 30th of each year. You can utilize one of two methods: You can place all yard waste in a bio-degradable landscape waste bag or place your yard waste in your 95 gallon yard waste cart that has been provided for you.

If you do not have a yard waste container but would like 1, please contact Allied Waste at 708-385-8252.

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