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Illinois Enters Phase 4

Phase 4 of ‘Restore Illinois’ went into effect today. It further eases restrictions on businesses and activities such as:

• Meetings and Social Events
• Indoor and Outdoor Recreation
• Indoor and Outdoor Dining
• Museums
• Zoos
• Theaters and Performing Arts
• Youth and Recreational Sports Guidelines
• Film Production
• Manufacturing
• Offices
• Retail
• Service Counters
• Health and Fitness Centers
• Personal Care Services
• Day Camps

Read more about the move to ‘Phase 4’ at and

The move to ‘Phase 4’ does NOT mean an end to face-covering and social distancing. Many states have seen a recent spike in new cases, and the science on immunity is not yet in – meaning that it may be possible to get infected multiple times. This would be especially disastrous in the case of asymptomatic carriers.