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It is spring and that means hydrant flushing is starting in the Village of Crete.

“Flushing started this week and Public Works crews will be working their way west to east this time,” Crete Mayor Michael Einhorn said.

Hydrant flushing is performed routinely twice a year within the Village, to ‘flush out’ natural sediment buildup, and to ensure satisfactory water quality and flow to residents, businesses and – if needed – fire fighters.

“Residents should look for posted signs in the area and monitor water quality and color. If they notice a change in quality, it is best to limit water usage until it returns to normal. If poor water quality is noticed, the best thing to do is run outside faucets wide open, one at a time, until they are clean and clear, and the velocity of the water helps clean out the service line from the water main to the house,” Mr. Einhorn said.

Residents will also be happy to learn that the general water quality has improved over the past year, with the installation of a multi-million-dollar iron removal system in each of the six well houses within the Village, financed mostly by EPA grants.

“Historically, Crete has always had great, clean water, but with high iron content. Now, it’s even better and I personally prefer tap over bottled water,” the Mayor said.

The installation of all iron filters is almost completed, but was delayed by the pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues. At the Village board meeting on Monday, Trustee Steve Johnson and DPW Superintendent Justin Pancrazio reported that the delivery and installation of remaining parts were expected to be completed within a few months.

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