Several factors can influence the water pressure in your home, affecting the flow and performance of your plumbing system. The following elements can play a role in water pressure fluctuations:

Water Meter Issues

Water meters are an additional portion of this department. Crete water is naturally high in iron, which causes water meters to get clogged easily. Low water pressure is the result. When this happens, the Water Department removes the meter and cleans the interior pieces.

A’ blowout’ might be necessary if the problem cannot be fixed by simply cleaning it. Residents must schedule all appointments with Village Hall. You may reach them at 708-672-5431.

Blowouts, in particular, are only conducted on Wednesdays. Water meters should be easily accessible, and water softeners should be moved if blocking the meter. A hose is connected to the meter and runs outside to the yard. After checking the Gallons Per Minute (GPM), they will advise you whether or not a blowout is necessary. If the resident chooses to have the pipes blown out they must sign a waiver.

The waiver states that the resident is responsible for their side of the pipes should the line burst. When the air tank is connected, a quick force of air is put on the pipes that could crack the pipe.

This is very uncommon but still a possibility. Cracks are more likely to occur on an old lead line than copper.

Hydrant Flushing

Twice a year, fire hydrants are flushed. Hydrant flushing usually occurs in April and October, lasting approximately 2 weeks. Signs are put up well in advance to let residents know when their area will be flushed.

The water in the work area may be rusty while the hydrants are being flushed. This is entirely normal, but as a precaution, wait to wash laundry until the pipes are clear. Hydrants are Village property and should only be handled by authorized individuals.


The Water Department manages the Village-owned valves that are out by the street. This does not include the water valves that are inside the building.

Those are the homeowner’s responsibility and will not be serviced by any Village employee. When broken valves are reported, the Water Department repairs or replaces them. There are approximately 243 valves throughout the Village.

Valves are turned at least once every 5 years. It is good to have them exercised should a main break occur.

Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks are not unheard of in the Village. They are caused when the ground shifts, putting pressure on the pipes underground. There are approximately 12 per year.

A water main break is recognized by water bubbling out of the ground. A main break should be reported as soon as it is noticed to allow a timely repair. The water in the area will be shut off to keep it from leaking as much as possible, and the ground will be dug up to repair the cracked pipe.

Main breaks also bring a small amount of rust into the water since the pipes are being cleaned.


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