Grass Mowing

The Buildings and Grounds Department maintains all Village owned lots. This includes mowing grass, putting down sod, seeding thin areas, pulling weeds, and spraying weed killer in problem areas. All Village property is included in this, such as easements, retention areas, Commerce Park, and Village Hall.

Flower Displays

When spring rolls around, the Village brightens the town by adding flowers into the mix. Along Main Street from Division to 5th Street, and on Exchange and Benton around the Village Hall, there are numerous hanging pots, ground pots, and flowerbeds throughout the downtown area.

In 2006, a new flower display was added on Cass Street in front of the post office. In 2011, the Crete Veterans Plaza was established at the northeast corner of Main Street and Exchange Street which will include a vibrant floral display during the spring and summer months.

Holiday Lights

Throughout the chilly winter nights, you will notice the bright display of holiday lights down Main Street. During the last week of November, Public Works puts up approximately:

  • 31,800 lights on the decorative trees
  • 4,800 lights on the light poles
  • 47 snow flake lights
  • garland to cover 48 light poles
  • 96 red ribbons
  • Decorations on Fire Station #1 including an additional 1,000 lights on a tree on top of the building

Each year, Public Works searches for a tall, full tree to decorate and display at the corner of Main and Exchange. If you have a tree that you would like to donate to the Village, please call Public Works at 708-672-7100.

Building Up-Keep

General vehicle and building maintenance is an additional function of this department. Public Works is responsible for the upkeep of all Village-owned buildings including the Village Hall, Police Department, E.S.D.A. Garage, Fire Stations 1 and 2, and the Public Works Garage. They do the plumbing maintenance, minor carpentry work, painting, electrical maintenance, and other odds and ends to keep our Village buildings properly maintained.

2023 Crete Beatification Projects

The following projects were completed over the Spring / Summer of 2023 using designs and most materials provided by Yvonne Phelan with assistance from her husband, John (Village Trustee).  The Department of Public Works watered these areas dutifully over the summer, ensuring the success of the new plantings.

Village Hall (north side on Exchange west of Benton Street)
The flower bed was updated to mirror the mural’s colors on the Village Hall. Perennial flowers and shrubs were planted to reduce ongoing maintenance and ensure beauty year after year.  Perennial flowers and shrubs were also installed in flower beds east along Exchange toward the railroad tracks and next to the building under the radio tower. Weeding was completed for all areas, and mulch was installed, where needed, to minimize the need for weeding moving forward.

Embankment across from Crete Park (corner of 1st and Benton Streets)
Weeds were removed, and mulch was installed to allow existing vinca ground cover to thrive.  Unfortunately, there was an infestation of Canadian bull thistle weeds, which are very invasive.  Eradication of the thistle proved difficult, especially with a creek nearby.  Industrial strength vinegar aided the process, and the weeds are now under control.  Additional bearberry ground cover will be installed in late September to fill bare areas and reduce maintenance efforts moving forward.

Post Office (corner of Cass and Benton Streets)
Updates were made to the small flower bed with perennial flowers, shrubs, and mulch to reduce ongoing maintenance and ensure beauty year after year.

Premier Fitness (Southside building on Cass Street just east of Main Street)
A complete overhaul was done on this area where trees had been planted, but the grass was not thriving due to heavy traffic – especially during Crete Country Christmas.  All weeds and grass were removed and replaced with two (2) raised flowerbeds and four (4) barrel planters with landscaping stones in between.  Annual flowers (zinnias and petunias) were planted and thrived over the summer.  Each year, flowers will be produced in these areas.

First Station 2 (on Richton Road west of 394)
Large grasses blocking windows were removed and replaced with low-growing perennial flowers.  All areas were weeded, removing invasive plants.  Roses bushes were trimmed and fertilized, improving the beauty of the landscaped area.

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