Ensure the safety of your home with a request for a vacation watch. They can arrange regular patrols around your neighborhood by providing them with the dates of your absence and keeping a vigilant eye on your property.

While a vacation watch can deter potential crimes, it does not guarantee complete security. Taking precautions such as locking doors, securing windows, and informing trusted neighbors about your absence is essential. Requesting a vacation watch from your police department is a proactive measure that adds peace of mind to your well-deserved getaway. Enjoy your vacation confidently, knowing that your community’s law enforcement is there to support you.

Disclaimer: The availability of a vacation watch service from your local police
department is subject to their resources and policies. It’s important to note that the
police department’s primary responsibility is to ensure public safety, and higher-priority
calls or emergencies may impact their ability to conduct vacation watches. Therefore,
exploring alternative security measures and considering additional precautions to
protect your home during your absence is advisable.


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