Lilly came to Crete via the Florida ‘Paws and Stripes’ program back in September.

“Myself and Officer Taylor went down to Florida and trained with Lilly, and brought her back here. She is trained in child victim interviews, to be involved in community events, she’ll be part of our recruiting team and community policing team.” Crete PD Sgt. Konvalinka said.

Back in Crete, Lilly partnered up full-time with Sgt. Konvalinka and went out in the community to meet people at Crete Library and Crete Park District. She also participated in the Crete Clean-Up Day.



Lilly was sworn in as a Crete PD K9 Officer in 2022. She’s since been busy meeting the community.


“She’s still a puppy and still getting used to big groups, so we’re doing a little bit at a time. But everyone loves her,” Sgt. Konvalinka said.




However, being a Sunshine State native, and having never experienced colder temperatures before, Lilly wasn’t quite prepared for the Illinois climate.





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