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Crime Prevention

To Prevent Burglary to Your Motor Vehicle

In order to prevent burglary to motor vehicles please note the following crime prevention tips:

  • Lock your car doors
  • Park in your driveway or a well-lit area
  • Remove your valuables from the passenger compartment or lock them in your trunk out of public view
  • Report suspicious activity or vehicles immediately to the police

Be Aware of Possibility of Identity Theft

Do not become a victim of identity theft. Safeguard your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number and bank account numbers.

Criminals obtain your personal information by:

  • Theft of your wallet or purse
  • Sorting through your garbage
  • Theft from your mailbox
  • Information stored on your personal computer via the internet
  • Obtaining your credit report
  • Theft of your account numbers and passwords
  • Forging your signature
  • Reproducing your checks
  • Email and internet scams
  • Looking over your shoulder while you make a retail purchase or use the ATM machine