Assistance Referral Organizations

The following agencies offer social services and assistance for those in need:

Court Ordered Community Service Hours

Court Ordered community service work means that you must volunteer to work the required number of hours for a governmental, not-for-profit, or charitable organization.


  • Church or religious organization
  • Hospital
  • Nursing home
  • Park district
  • Police agency
  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • School district

This community service work can be performed in or near the area or community in which you reside. For example, the Crete Lions Club will accept Court Ordered community service. 

Written Proof of Compliance

Written proof of compliance on the organization’s letterhead must be brought back to Court with you. The letter must state what work you did and the number of hours and dates that you worked. This letter must also be signed by an official or responsible supervisor from the organization with a day time phone number.

  • Your strict compliance with the Order of the Court is an absolute necessity.
  • Your failure to comply with the Court’s Order could subject you to more severe penalties including being jailed for contempt of Court.

Volunteer or School Credit Community Service Hours

Many local high schools require a certain number of community service hours prior to graduation. Check the academic requirements given specifically at your school, as it may entail definite areas of community service hours which you must acquire. Governmental, not-for-profit, or charitable organizations are generally accepted. A commonly utilized organization is the Crete Lions Club. They accept both volunteer and school credit community service.

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