Being prepared for disasters and emergencies is important for all individuals and critical for those with access and functional needs who may need assistance during emergencies. Signing up for the Access and Functional Needs Registry, places your name and information on a contact list at the Will County Emergency Management Agency. However, by being on this list registrants must understand the following disclaimers:

  • Being added to this list should not be your plan for evacuation. You should always have your own plan to evacuate with neighbors, friends or family.
  • Being on this list does not guarantee first responders will make contact with you during any type of disaster or evacuation. Do not wait for them to come assist you.
  • The Access and Functional Needs Registry is only intended to inform first responders of your location and that you may need assistance should you be in the evacuation area.

Furthermore, this grants permission to the Will County Emergency Management Agency to release this information to first responding agencies. It is the registrant’s responsibility to update the information on this form as needed.

Access and Functional Needs Registry form

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