The Crete Fire Department is pushing every day the importance of having a SMOKE DETECTOR in the home. This push is designed to help make our citizens aware of the importance of smoke detectors in the home and how they can and will save lives. The fire department will come to your home and suggest detector locations and types that you may want in the home (smoke or combination smoke or CO).

With the winter months upon us and the very real possibility of CO (carbon Monoxide) in the home this has become of real quest and high importance to the Crete Fire Department. We will have one of our duty personnel come to your home and make suggestions on placement locations and type that they feel you would need. 

Please call the Crete Fire Department at 708-672-2727 or 708-672-2729 and ask for any firefighter or the Chief of the department for assistance. You may also visit the fire station at 524 W. Exchange Street in Crete. 

Thank you for your support.
Chief, Michael Waterman

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