I began my fire service career in 1989 as a paid-on call firefighter with the Matteson Fire Department, following in the footsteps of my Grandfather, a Captain on the Chicago Heights Fire Department. I like to joke that I joined the fire service to do the things I could not do as a child: break things, get dirty and stay out after dark!

When my family moved to the Crete area, I joined the Crete Township Fire Protection District, eventually making the rank of Lieutenant. After moving to the Village of Crete, I became a member of the Crete Fire Department, serving as both a paid-on call and part time firefighter. I enjoyed being a firefighter and paramedic so much, I decided to make it my career choice. I was hired by the Riverdale Fire Department and proudly served that community for 23 years; throughout my tenure I was promoted to Lieutenant eventually serving as the Deputy Fire Chief for three years. After retiring from Riverdale, I learned the Crete Fire Chief was retiring. Following a lengthy conversation with my wife, I decided to apply for the position. Between previously working for the Crete Fire Department and currently living in the Village, I was well aware this was a great Fire Department with an excellent reputation. As Fire Chief, my goals are to maintain the Village of Crete Fire Department’s good standing in the community, keep the members safe, and constantly strive to improve the services we provide to the Village of Crete.

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