Outdoor Warning Sirens

Outdoor-emergency warning sirens warn residents of impending severe weather when they are outside of their homes and unable to hear radio or television broadcasts. The Village of Crete maintains 6 outdoor-emergency warning sirens spaced throughout the Village for maximum alerting capabilities.

If you hear the sirens, go indoors and tune your radio or television station to the local Emergency Alert System (EAS) Station. Outdoor warning sirens are not intended to be heard indoors, so inside weather alert receivers and radios should also be utilized for optimum notification.

Please do not call the Village Hall, Police, Fire, or E.M.A. for information or questions, as we will be busy and unable to provide information. Any emergencies should be reported by calling 911.

Siren Testing The Village of Crete conducts monthly tests of these outdoor-emergency warning sirens on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m.

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