The goals and objectives of Crete EMA are accomplished by working under a Unified Command system following the Federal National Incident Management System (NIMS) structure. These activities are conducted within the Village’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which was designed to provide the critical operational infrastructure of the command team.


Weather Spotting

  • Trained spotters are positioned in key locations throughout the Crete area during severe weather outbreaks to provide advance notification and warning to our residents.
    Traffic Control
  • Traffic assistance and control is provided to the Police, Fire and Public Works Departments when needed to provide safe passage or re-direction of traffic during accidents, road closures, and special events.
    Search and Rescue
  • SAR Team Members are trained in the proper methods used in Ground Search and Rescue and are specifically deployed with other neighboring EMA’s and ESDA’s, to assist in the search for lost or missing small children, seniors, and people with physical or mental disabilities.
  • SAR also utilizes trained K-9’s to aid in the search process.
    Emergency Operations Center
  • Our department provides and maintains Crete’s Emergency Operations Center which contains equipment used by Village Officials and Department Heads as an area to coordinate operations during an emergency.
    Specialized Equipment
  • We utilize emergency power generators, light trucks and towers, a Mobile Incident Command Trailer, an ATV for ground searches, communication equipment, and specialized vehicles to transport equipment and personnel during emergencies.

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