Report a Code Violation


If after an investigation of a code violation complaint, the Code Enforcement Officer finds that a violation has occurred or exists, further action will be taken to resolve the problem. Every effort will be made by the Code Enforcement Officer to utilize diplomacy, tact and friendly persuasion to gain cooperation in compliance with the Village codes when a violation is found.

Property Owners – What happens when you have a violation?

Property owners will have the opportunity to discuss the violations and work in cooperation with Code Enforcement to correct problems that exist. If voluntary cooperation to correct the problem is not obtained, the Code Enforcement Officer can take the necessary steps to initiate prosecution of the violation through the legal system.


Please understand that many violations do not occur overnight, and the same is true for compliance. Just because you do not see anything happen immediately, it does not mean that we have not addressed the issue. Please be patient, as we would grant you the same consideration if the violation was on your property!

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