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Animal Control

Pet Restrictions

Village ordinances that apply to dogs and cats mandate:

  • All pets have current rabies vaccination and Village of Crete yearly animal licenses
  • Pets cannot run at large
  • Owners must clean up their pets’ excrement left in public areas
  • Pets cannot disturb the peace at any time, day or night
  • Citizens cannot abandon, beat, underfeed, or cruelly treat any animal
  • No residence may have more than 3 dogs, cats, or any combination of dogs and cats over 3
  • Pets must be tethered or suitably fenced when outdoors
  • Invisible fences are not considered suitable

How to Handle Violations

Please call the Crete Police Department at 708-672-0911 to report any of the following while they are occurring:

  • A neighbor’s dog is barking
  • Someone is not cleaning up after their pet
  • Dogs and cats being permitted to run at large (when the owner is aware of the situation)

Please immediately call the Crete Police at 911 when:

  • A dog is running at large
  • An animal bite occurs
  • Animal abuse is occurring

Please call the Police Department at 708-672-0911 or Animal Control Officer, Ryan Allison at 708-672-5431 with all other domestic animal questions or concerns.