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Closet Collectibles is a local toy store that buys, sells and trades new and used items, along with other collectibles for all ages. Closet Collectibles has locations on Wood Street in Crete and Oak Park Avenue in Tinley Park, and they also do business on eBay –

From Hot Wheels to Star Wars

“From Hot Wheels to Star Wars, anything to do with collecting is just fun,” says store owner Chris Pluymert.

The dream of dealing in toys and collectibles started in childhood for Chris, redecorating his room to accommodate the passion.

“I started when I was a kid doing baseball card shows, and always just played stores as a kid too. In my bedroom I got rid of my bed and put a display case […] and took off my closet doors and made it a pretend store,” Chris explains.

About four and a half years ago, Chris opened his first store, with over 4000 square feet of new and used toys and a variety of different collectible items.

Store Manager Michelle shows DC Marvel items

“DC Marvel, Masters of the Universe, sports cards, $1 Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Wrestling, train stuff, new toys, old toys, Nerf guns, action figures, and, we have a dragon,” store manager Michelle says.

The six-foot dragon has become a bit of a store mascot, according to Chris.

“The dragon came in from somebody who had it in their house and their girlfriend made them get rid of it. We’re not really looking to sell the dragon because everyone likes him and he’s a cool centerpiece to the room.”

Closet Collectibles owner Chris Pluymert and the store mascot dragon

Chris says he wants the store to be a place where people can be comfortable and hang out, and where kids can play with the toys.

“We have awesome customers. Sometimes they hang out for hours on end. We have customers who come in and help us fix things. We’ve met some really cool people over the past four years and the best thing with a job like this is you become friends with the regulars.”

The appreciation for collectibles and toys is about cherishing the simpler times in life, according to Chris.

“They’re not really buying a toy; they’re buying a memory. They’re bringing it back to when they’re picking up that toy from under the tree they got for Christmas.”

Closet Collectibles is located on 1626 Wood Street in Crete and 17236 Oak Park Avenue in Tinley Park. They’re open Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm.

Visit their Facebook page at or give them at call at 708-279-7045.

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