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What do I do if I want my water line blown out?

To schedule an appointment with the water department, call the Village Hall at 708-672-5431. Appointments can be scheduled for anytime Monday-Friday, from 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. The Water Department will come out and check your pressure from the water meter. When they do that, they will advise what you should do next. If a line blow out is recommended, you will need to contact the Village Hall to schedule it for a Wednesday. Water line blow outs are only done on Wednesdays. At the time of the appointment, the homeowner must be there to sign the waiver- which states that the pipe line from the B-Box and everything into the house is the responsibility of the homeowner in the event of the blow out causing a pipe to break. If a tenant wants to have a blow out, the landlord must sign the waiver for it. Clear the area around the meter as best as possible to make it accessible.