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Village Board Meeting

This event has ended

Board meetings are open to the public.
All meetings begin with “Citizens Speak”, you may bring a comment, question or concern before the Board pursuant to 5ILCS 120/2.06(g):
Public comment will not be restricted by topic.
Public comment will be heard during the Citizen Speak portion of the agenda only.
Public Officials may or may not respond to public comment or answer questions posed during the public comment.
Total “Citizen Speak” time allotment will not exceed thirty (30) minutes. Individual speakers will be allowed three (3) minutes and will be limited to one opportunity to speak.
Any words including threats of harm or which disrupt the meeting by utilizing profanity, noises or chants are prohibited. Decorum is expected. The removal of an individual from the meeting for violation of meeting decorum will not be done lightly, but will be performed when clearly necessary in the opinion of the Chair so as to permit the public body to effectively conduct its business.