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Day 1 of the Crete Santa Sleigh Parade starts this afternoon at 5PM, and will collect donations of non-perishable food items for the Crete Food Pantry and new, unwrapped toys for the Angels on Assignment Toy Drive. Please leave donations on the curb along the route, and Santa’s helpers will grab them.

The parade starts at Crete Public Works, turning right out of the parking lot onto Douglas Ln to Brighton Ln, and continues as follows:

  1. Left turn onto Brighton Ln to Wingate Ln
  2. Turn left onto Wingate Ln to Wingate Circle
  3. Turn around on Wingate Circle and proceed back to Douglas Ln
  4. Turn right onto Douglas Ln to Milburn Ave
  5. Right onto Milburn Ave to Wood St
  6. Left onto Wood Street to Pearl Ln
  7. Left on to Pearl Ln to Rohe Ln right on to Oakwood Dr to East St
  8. Right onto East St across Exchange St to Cass St
  9. Right onto Cass St to Wood St, left onto Wood St to Division St, left onto Division St to Vista Ln, right onto Vista Ln to Hubbard Ln, right onto Hubbard Ln to Wood St, left onto Wood St to Herman St, left onto Herman St, Herman St to Vista Ln, follow Vista Ln to Brachmann Ave continuing onto East Ave to Crete Blvd
  10. Right onto Crete Blvd to Main St
  11. Left onto Main St to Queens Estates
  12. Proceed through Queens Estates and back onto northbound Main St to Barry Ln
  13. Left onto Barry Ln to Benton Street right onto Benton St to Herman St
  14. Left onto Herman St to Vincennes St, left onto Vincennes St to Farm St, right onto Farm St to Wayne Dr
  15. Right onto Wayne Dr to Naoma Dr right onto Naoma Drive onto Division Street to Vincennes St left onto Vincennes St to Exchange St
  16. Right onto Exchange St to Lumber St
  17. Left onto Lumber Street to Third St to Columbia, left onto Columbia St to First St, right onto First St to Peoria Ave, left onto Peoria Ave to Exchange St
  18. Right onto Exchange St to Independence Blvd
  19. Right onto Independence Blvd to Liberty St, right onto Liberty St to Patriot Ln to Parliament St, right onto Parliament St to Newport Dr, left onto Newport Dr to Colony Dr, left onto Colony Dr to Independence Blvd
  20. Return to Public Works via Exchange St

Follow Santa’s route live at

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