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At the Village board meeting on Monday night, Trustee Bruns and Trustee Wiater proposed amending the Crete municipal code regarding compensation of Village Trustees. Currently, Trustees receive a set amount every year, regardless of the number of meetings they attend.

Trustee Bruns opined that it could appear unfair to Crete taxpayers if a board member missed too many meetings, and still received the full compensation. Mr. Bruns suggested that a cap be placed on the number of missed meetings permissible.

 “I’m not referring to anyone from this board,” Trustee Bruns said, “I just think it’s fair.”

Trustee Wiater expressed agreement but asked for an exception in special circumstances, such as catastrophic illness. Other board members concurred, and Mayor Einhorn added: “Everyone here is reasonable, but moving forward, I think this is a good way to deal with it.”

The matter was referred to the Village attorney for review and the board will likely revisit the proposal at the next meeting.

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