TIF Advisory Board

A Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Advisory Board is a crucial entity within a local government structure, primarily tasked with overseeing and providing guidance on TIF-related matters. Comprising a diverse group of individuals with expertise in finance, urban planning, economics, and community development, this advisory board plays a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of a municipality. Its main objective is to analyze proposed TIF projects, assess their potential impact on the community, and offer recommendations to local officials.

Members of a TIF Advisory Board work diligently to strike a balance between promoting economic growth and ensuring responsible fiscal management. They evaluate proposals for the allocation of tax increment revenues, considering factors such as job creation, infrastructure improvements, and the overall benefit to the community. Through public hearings, research, and collaboration with developers and community stakeholders, the board helps craft TIF policies that align with the long-term interests of the municipality.

In essence, a TIF Advisory Board acts as a critical bridge between government, businesses, and the community, fostering transparent decision-making processes and contributing to the sustainable development of the local economy. Their dedication to fiscal responsibility and community well-being makes them an indispensable component of the TIF framework, ultimately striving to make their city or region a better place to live, work, and invest.


TIF Advisory Board (5 year term):

Luke Pascale                                                   2024 (Business Community)

C-M 201 U Representative                            2025 (CM 201-U)

Mark Wiater                                                     2028(Village Board)

Karen Tellef                                                      2O26(Plan Comm.)

Bob Kraemer                                                    2027(Business Community)

Village Staff Advisor: Michael Smith            (non-voting)

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