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I have reviewed currently available information related to special financing and grants for small businesses that are experiencing financial issues due to the COVID19 event.  While I am far from an expert on this subject, my conclusion is that the State of Illinois is relying on the Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCEO) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) to handle the situations related to bailing out businesses that are in trouble financially.  It appears that our area (Will County) will be treated differently than down state counties.  I have read that all the collar counties of Chicago will be handled like Will County.  It appears that there will be no grants allowed in our area, only low interest loans with stipulations that I am not qualified to comment on.  I have also contacted Will County to get their take on this issue.  I have scanned all the available documents and will gladly send them to any interested business if you simply send an email to me.  My email address is 

Mayor Einhorn