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It’s time to renew the tags for the fluffiest, furriest and cutest residents of Crete.

Residents should receive animal tag renewal forms in the mail. If you are a new resident, you can visit Crete Village Hall and fill out a new form to get your animal tag.

In the Village of Crete, we love our pets, and here are a few reminders to ensure we can all play nicely together.

1. Pets should always be kept on a leash or tethered when not in a fenced in yard.
2. Keep plastic bags with you to pick up after your pets when out in public.
3. Be aware of surroundings when walking your pet in public. Other tethered animals may be able to reach up to the sidewalk outside.
4. Three animals per household are permitted within the Village.
5. Chipping and tagging your pets, and keeping the information current, helps getting them home quicker and safer, if they happen to get out. Alternatively, they may have to be impounded and claimed at a later date.
6. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for an animal tag license.

Any questions, feel free to contact us at 708-672-5431, or visit for more information.

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